Devices And Mobile Technology
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Apple Inc.

As we all know the iPhone has been the cause of today all have a smartphone in their pockets. The arrival of iOS was the great evolution in mobile technology and is therefore one of the major operating systems today where it is held at the top by large applications and services.

Windows Phone


One of the great is back, back in the Windows 2000 gave way to mobile devices such as PDAs, but with the arrival of the iPhone did not know how to do things well until recently where does emerge with a large choice of content and services for a user looking for a new user experience from their Windows devices.



Android is the most widespread mobile OS in the world, say that today is linked with Android smartphone, because little by little this has been making space in the memory of these devices with their free kernel under linux and the good work of Google. And his major change thanks to the great community it has.


HTML5 CSS PHP JavaScript

In the Web field, we rely on the simplicity thanks to the versatility of HTML, CSS, and tools such as JavaScript. We use a combination of natural positioning tools where thanks to the good work of our programmers we get the most out of our web positioning. Today they are essential for a good quality of Web Services