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About Us

DAM Technology is formed by a strong team of developers, willing to give all for their ideas and those of their clients. Our base is the software for mobile device directed to telematics solutions, where mobile devices are the great masters of both world, personal and business time.

We have sufficient knowledge and experience to deal with all situations that arise in most of the technologies on the market today. We conducted iOS apps, Android apps and Windows Phone apps that today represent the world of Smartphones and Tablets.

Our work

In DAM Technology develop applications for mobile and tablets based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms and develop web pages HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, php and PrestaShop.
Our values are Quality, Design and Functionality, in the service of our customers to improve their results in addition to bring our ideas to markets to make life easier for anyone who uses them.

Rene Descartes said: Two things contribute to advance, go faster than the other or go in the right direction. Our goal is to move forward and we have no doubt that we are on the right track.

Application Manifest

Some reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

  1. Generate brand awareness: have an application in-store applications Android, iOS and Windows Phone creates a company-seat where he link between both exalts and gives you the opportunity to expand as a more powerful brand ecosystem.
  2. Customer loyalty: Being present on mobile platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft, the customer with access to these OS feel more embraced by the company, seeing that cares about the ecosystems that he uses and makes no contact with customers or prospective customers get lost.
  3. Management tool: An application on the mobile device, you can manage many daily activities you do, such as managing meetings, look at the number of sales, see how projects evolve, endless options with the touch your finger.
  4. Channel sale: We can create a custom store and product suited to each platform as well since the user will feel more comfortable and will use it more often watching the news and new products that are available.